Seeking Our Safety

Seeking Our Safety – SOS

The SOS program has been developed at Harbor Lights for individuals who suffer from the symptoms of Trauma, and/or PTSD as well as Substance Abuse.  The SOS program treats these disorders/symptoms at the same time. The treatment recommendation for each client is based on the individual meeting specific criteria for the SOS program.

The SOS program utilizes current evidenced based screening instruments and practices to provide a high quality of care that is proven effective and meets the mission of our organization.  It does not have a primary focus on reliving the past traumatic event or using history. Individuals learn to cope with the here and now of their life.

SOS strongly emphasizes the importance of safety in the context of their treatment and will provide a safe environment for everyone to cope with these disorders.  It is then the primary focus for the individual to intentionally seek safety as a solution in their present and everyday life.  This is to manage triggers and active symptoms that are created by Trauma and Substance Use Issues.

The following are some additional core concepts of the SOS program utilized from the Seeking Safety Treatment Manual, developed by Lisa Najavitis, This is one of the premiere evidenced based models for this population.

  • Stay Safe
  • Respect yourself
  • Use coping-not substance-to escape the pain
  • Make the present and future better than the past
  • Learn to trust
  • Take good care of our body
  • Get help from safe people
  • To heal from Trauma and/or PTSD, become substance free
  • If one method doesn’t work, try something elsef
  • Never ever give up

The SOS treatment is provided in the following contexts within Harbor Lights:

  1. Closed groups (including gender specific)
  2. Individual sessions
  3. This can be their primary treatment program or added on to another program offered here