Safe Harbor


What is a Brain Injury?

A brain can be injured by an acquired injury from events such as strokes, substance abuse or oxygen starvation to the brain or by a traumatic injury such as a fall, auto accident or combat.

What are Developmental Disabilities?

These are disabilities that interfere with individuals’ inability to develop or utilize skills to function adequately in society.  These are often related to some form of a brain injury.

How Does the Safe Harbor Program Work?

The Harbor Lights Safe Harbor Program begins with an extensive evaluation and possible referral for further professional assessments.  Contact will be made with other treatment providers to coordinate treatment.  Family members will be asked to provide input into the treatment process and counseling will be available for them.

Upon completion of the evaluation a multi-disciplinary staffing will be done to develop a treatment plan.  This will be discussed with the client and family if available.  Once the treatment is decided upon, the client will be scheduled for their counseling sessions.

Treatment Philosophy

Individuals with brain injuries or moderate developmental disabilities require special consideration in substance abuse treatment.  Standard methods of cognitive and insight oriented therapy often do not work.  Our goal is abstinence of the abuse of substance.  To teach the necessary skills needed to operate more successfully in society.

Treatment is often long term, but significant progress can be made and is expected by our program.