Anger Management Program

Anger Management


How does the Anger Management Program Work?

The Harbor Lights Anger Management Program is an evidenced-based program that was created by SAMHSA.  This program includes a workbook that is designed for people living with a mental illness and substance use disorder, participating in group cognitive behavioral therapy sessions on anger management. It summarizes core concepts for each session and includes worksheets and homework assignments.

The Anger Management class is a minimum 12-week program using therapy groups, education sessions, role playing, and assignments to work on outside of the group. We strongly feel that to effectively control anger, education alone is not enough. Individuals need to practice early identification of triggers, find alternative coping skills, and learning assertive vs. aggressive communication skills.

What is Anger?
Anger is a natural emotion we all have. It is neither good nor bad but how we deal with it internally and externally is important. When anger begins to take control of you it becomes destructive. It will cause problems in many areas of life reducing the overall quality of your life.

How do you deal with your anger?

Anger is expressed in various ways from mild irritation to intense rage and fury. Some people find they have a difficult time expressing anger properly. Some go into rage and throw things or get into fights. Some withdraw, sulk and get physically ill. You likely know if you have trouble dealing with anger.

What causes your anger?

Anger comes from many sources – both from outside you and inside you. It could be a co-worker, family member, other drivers or even memories of a tragic event. If you find you get angry easily and have a difficult time dealing with it, the Harbor Lights Anger Program may be of help to you.

How do you get involved?

You will need to be admitted to Harbor Lights using our normal evaluation and admission process. If you are already a client of Harbor Lights, talk to your primary counselor about a referral to the Anger Program.

After our assessment, we can better determine if you meet the criteria for the program which must include alcohol or substance abuse issues.

Once admitted to Harbor Lights, treatment is paid for by most insurances including Medicaid. A sliding scale fee is also available. This will be discussed with you by our staff.


  1. Do I have a problem with anger
    2. What are the “personal costs” of anger
    3. Learning to monitor my anger
    4. What are the triggers and cues of my anger
    5. Why managing anger is especially difficult for a substance abuser
    6. What are my physical signs of anger
    7. Creating new choices
    8. Developing my anger control plan
    9. Learning assertive communication
    10. Anger and my family of origin
    11. Learning cognitive restructuring


**All treatment at Harbor Lights is confidential in compliance with Federal Regulations.

**There will be regular urine screening and breathalyzer testing.